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Team up with Oliver Homes, Inc.

We want you to enjoy the benefits of working with Oliver Homes, Inc. This Realtor Co-Op Plan is presented to show our commitment to "teaming up" with the local real estate community.

Advantages of Our Referral Program



All referrals must be bona fide referrals, within the following guidelines:

Please feel free to call our office at 301-797-0000, to speak with one of our New Home Sales Representatives about any questions you may have.

Realtor/Client Co-Op Registration

"To Be Built" Listings

Oliver Homes is offering to co-market building lot listings with Real Estate Agents. This is a "no cost" offer for your Sellers. Oliver Homes will create a "To Be Built" listing on a property for your Seller. This listing would include the Land Cost, a Proposed Home Cost, Site Improvement Cost and County Permits, Fees and Requirements, ie, sprinkler system.

Oliver Homes will market the Home/Lot Package and respond to inquiries from Real Estate Agents. This is done at "no charge" to the building lot Seller.

This concept has proven to be a very effective way to market vacant building lots for Sellers. Clients are able to see the approximate cost to build a new home on an empty building lot as a package.

Oliver Homes, in many cases, offers the ability to finance the lot purchase price and home construction cost for clients. Please discuss this option with an Oliver Homes Salesperson.

Please contact Oliver Homes for any additional details on this Offer of a "To Be Built" Land Listing at 301-797-0000.