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Questions & Answers

How do we find a mortgage to build a new home? How much money do we need to start building?

Getting a mortgage for a new home is easy as finding a mortgage for any exsisting home. Most lending institutions have various new home construction financing programs already available. A good mortgage lender makes it very easy. Your lender will disclose this information in the very beginning of your initial visit.

We currently own a house that we have to sell before we can build. We don't know what to do. Can Oliver Homes help us with this transition?

We sure can. At Oliver Homes, our professional staff has helped many families with this situation. First we refer you to a top-notch lender who can arrange the financing on your new home, pending the sale of your exsisting house. Then we arrange for a professional realtor to help you list and sell your house on the real estate market. Hopefully, everything comes together in a timely fashion and you may be able to move from one house to your new home.

What type of loan do I need to build a new home? What are the different types of loans available?

We can work with any type of loan that fits your financial needs.
Construction Loan -- is paid to the builder in increments at certain times of the building process.
Committment Loan -- is a promise from the Lender that you will have the loan at the end of construction.
FHA or VA Loans -- are loans through the Federal Government.
Your New Homes Sales Representative can assist you in finding a Lender that's right for you.

Where can I build my new home?

Oliver Homes can build your new home anywhere within 60 minutes of Hagerstown. We also have several existing communities with available lots. Contact a New Homes Sales Representative to discuss the right location for your new home.

We own a building lot... what's next?

With no cost to you, our Site Engineer will visit your lot to evaluate and determine where best to locate your home. From there, your New Homes Sales Representative will meet with you to discuss the "site" work that would be involved.

How can I be sure of the right style and size house to consider?

Our New Home Sales Representatives will "qualify" your needs and show you the many home plans we offer. We will ask you about your typical lifestyle use of space, special needs, monthly budget expectations and of course, the overall investment you're comfortable with. We're sure to find just the right home for you.

Can Oliver Homes customize their house plans to include my ideas?

Oliver Homes has a full-time Draftsman on staff with years of experience designing new homes and putting together all the important pieces to your specific home. Your New Home Sales Representative will meet with you to adjust our standard house plans and individualize everything necessary to get your home just the way you want it.

We have a new home plan from a magazine. There are several things we like about this plan. Can we use this?

Oliver Homes has a full-time Draftsman on staff with years of experience designing new homes and putting together all the important pieces to your specific home. We can develop plans and individualize everything necessary to get your home just the way you want it.

How do we get started? What do we do first?

First, come talk to one of our New Home Sales Representatives. He/she will want to ask you a lot of questions about your expectations, family needs and urgency. All of that information is helpful in leading you to the best house, the best lot, the best mortgage, and the best price. We help and advise you every step of the way.

How long does it take to build a new home?

We guarantee most of our new homes to be finished within five to six months after foundation is complete. Before construction begins, we will estimate the completion date. A final completion date is usually provided 45 days before settlement.

What about "hidden" costs? We've heard about financial surprises with unknown costs. We want to know everything up front.

Oliver Homes has many individuals on staff who assist you with building your new home. One of those is a Site Engineer who visits your lot and calculates the costs involved with building your home. That information and other important facts are provided to your New Home Sales Representative. He/she will help you determine all the "costs" involved so you can ultimately decide how much you want to borrow or pay for directly. The Agreement of Sale guarantees your total investment. We will advise you of all costs, including permits, appliances, etc.

Which is a better investment... an exsisting home or a newly constructed home?

You need to consider all the important things in your decision, but the ultimate choice, of course, is yours. Most new homes are comparably priced and include a complete 100% first year warranty, a limited 10 year warranty, everything is brand new, and nothing to worry about for a long time. The overall maintenance required is very minimal due to the nature of the newest products used in building today. On the other hand, a used home may need painting, new carpet, new roof, new hot water heater, new furnance or other major improvement almost immediately or shortly after you move in.

What makes Oliver Homes better than the other home builders?

We have been building new homes for local familes since 1948 -- that's over 70 years! We are still building and pride ourselves in building for third and fourth generations of families. Oliver Homes includes a 10 year limited home warranty, a full Customer Care Department, and experienced trained personnel. Our customer's speak loudly when they recommend Oliver Homes to their friends and family. There is a lot of "value" in every new home we build.

How and when do I choose the colors and items for my new home?

After you sign the Agreement of Sale Contract, you will need to make a "Color Appointment" with our Color Coordinator. At this meeting, she will take you through our Design Showroom and assist you with all the exterior and interior color and products choices needed for your new home. We invite you to visit our Design Showroom at our Main Office before your scheduled Color Appointment to look around at what we offer.