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Caring for Your Home

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Rough Carpentry

Oliver Homes Limited Warranty Guidelines

Some floor and stair squeaks are unavoidable. Although Oliver Homes does not warrant against floor squeaks, a reasonable effort will be made to correct them.

Floor Deflection

Floors will deflect (bend) when walked on. This will be more noticeable next to hutches, book cases, pianos, chairs, and other heavy furniture. This is not a structural deficiency and Oliver Homes will take no action for this occurrence.

Floor Level

Floors will be level to within 1/4 inch within any 32-inch distance as measured perpendicular to any ridge or indentation. Oliver Homes will correct floor slope that exceeds 1/240 of the room.

Plumb Walls

Oliver Homes will correct walls that are out of plumb more than 1/2 inch in an 8-foot distance or walls that are bowed more than 1/4 inch in any 32-inch measurement.

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