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Winterizing Your Home

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

As the fall turns into winter homeowners need to look at the winterization of their homes.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a brand new home or an 100 year old home.  In both cases it will need to be winterized.  In an older home their is reasonably more work to do but still manageable.  The most obvious thing in both is to make sure there are no openings to allow cold air inside the home.  Things to check are crawl space doors (if you have a crawl space), foundation vents- make sure they are shut (many new homes shut automatically in the winter), and check your chaulking around your doors and windows.   Other items that we need to check include servicing you heating equipment, cleaning your gutters and downspouts, and making sure your outside hoses are disconnected and faucets turned off if that is required of your outside faucet.

If you still haven’t taken advantage of the $ 1500 Energy Tax Credit that is set to expire the end of December of 2010 you can always replace older windows, install newer energy efficient doors or install insulation.  All are good items and with a 30% Tax Credit up to $ 1500 they will be a “better buy” this year than next.  In addtion, you will enjoy savings on your energy bills for many years to come.  I have already installed additional insulation in my home and garage to take advantage of the tax credit and energy benefits.  If you notice in your home cold air drafts and feeling a “breeze as you sit your easy chair” it may be something to consider. 

Good luck with your energy needs and winterzing your home.